Hospitality can play an intrinsic role in achieving sustainable goals. Each year, the tourism sector witnesses millions traveling across the globe. This, in turn, contributes to 1% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide and will increase in the coming years as the population hits 9 million globally. Post-pandemic, as travel returns to normalcy, so do the vacation goals of travelers who are more aligned with the value of nature than the value of the experience. Sustainable Hospitality focuses on the idea that “one does not use and abuse their environment, but rather supports and enhances it.” Conservation is definitely a priority, but so is respecting the ethos of the environment. There is a need to prioritize Net Zero ambitions and greener avenues such as innovations and construction to create a better planet. Likewise, this will create a better ecosystem on land and underwater for our future generations to benefit from. Sustainable hospitality is more than one company trying to bring about ethical change; it is an entire industry exploring ideas, solutions, and strategies for developing future hotels and managing operations in a sustainable manner.