Linking investors with innovative and sustainability-driven companies

We work with clients who integrate their investments into sustainability and are looking out for innovations to drive their sustainable ‘profitability’. These include selecting companies with a strong ESG portfolio. 

Helping businesses to achieve their sustainability mission

By linking innovation and investors, we play the role of a catalyst for global decarbonization. When one key player in a sector becomes openly sustainability-focused, it drives others within that sector to follow suit.

Promoting and representing sustainability-supported businesses

As we connect the organizations with sustainable options, this opens a scope of tremendous opportunities for networking across the globe. We focus on your Green Mission and share your sustainable journey via various tools including Marketing and PR in the UAE. 

Helping collaborate government and strategic partnerships

A public-private partnership can expedite and enlarge the focus on sustainability incentives as well as achieve an infrastructure lifecycle quicker. We connect you to the right resources that will help achieve your sustainable goals.

Facilitator, Mediator, and Connector

Sinnthya plays the role of a Guide that will provide a structure and cooperative decision making to help you reach your target audience for the desired outcome.