December 2022

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The Secret to Ageless Beauty

This luxe skincare brand is blending biology and technology to create ever-youthful skin.

Who doesn’t want to achieve timeless beauty? But with time and the world we live in, our skin becomes dull and lifeless until we take care of it properly with diet and products. Diet can help restore lost texture, but it is ineffective without a proper skincare regimen.

Enter biotech beauty. Many brands claim to have the secret to ageless skin, but in truth, those are just concoctions of harmful chemicals that damage the skin in the long run. However, ethical brands such as this depend on biotechnology to create bio-identical ingredients like Epidermal Growth Factor that cannot be ethically or safely sourced elsewhere. The brand is using biotechnology to formulate and create anti-aging products with the highest effectiveness that are being used and referred to by thousands of existing customers worldwide.


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Epidermal Growth Factor

Touted as a healer, stimulant, and growth factor, EGF is a peptide found in humans and mice. It cannot be found in nature and can only be produced in the body or in labs. Awarded the Nobel Prize for its discovery, EGF is taking the skincare industry by storm. Growth factors function as regulatory proteins that mediate signaling pathways. EGF, approved for use in cosmetics around the world, improves the appearance and health of the skin. It improves skin hydration and firmness while reducing fine lines and wrinkles, dullness, aging, and hyperpigmentation.


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The sustainable beauty industry is growing by leaps and bounds, thanks to ethical consumers. A large part of it can be attributed to biotech companies that create ingredients that are allergen-free, paraben-free, and dermatologist-tested. The benefits of these on the skin are immense. The brand is making tremendous strides in this quest for sustainable skincare that combines the best of nature and science.

Other ingredients available in its skincare products besides EGF include peptides, which can stimulate new collagen for improved wrinkled skin; hydroxy acids, which decrease hyperkeratinized skin and stimulate elastic fibers; and hyaluronic acid, a sugar molecule that binds water with collagen to improve skin hydration.

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The recently launched brand is also the recipient of many international press accolades and awards that include those from Ocean Drive Magazine, Miami Living Magazine, and Bustle’s “2022 Most Wanted Summer Awards”.

Biotech Is The Future Of Beauty

Biotechnology is an excellent trend that will make products more inclusive rather than exclusive for users.

Organic, natural, and ethical ingredients allow for the best outcomes for your skin. The brand has all the ingredients to make you and the planet happy. Combining biology and technology, the brand is bringing the best of both worlds to you with award-winning ingredients such as EGF. And the outcomes speak for themselves.

Biotechnological beauty is not a passing fad, but rather the way forward. However, it is also an untapped market at present. According to the Business Wire Report, the global biotech ingredients market reached a value of $53.8 billion in 2021, and looking forward, it is expected to reach $72.6 billion by 2027 (link).

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Considering this, in the coming years, the demand for such products will only rise. In order to make it more accessible to consumers, the acclaimed brand is now looking for investors to boost its production and availability. If you are interested in learning more or investing in this skincare brand, please contact us.