August - 2022

Investor Insights

Boutique Electric Boats for a Sustainable Ride

Finding the boat of your dreams is not always easy, but investing in one could provide customers with all the luxury and comfort they could possibly seek. In addition to this, a boat offers a great deal of freedom and liberty. The freedom to get away from the world, or to explore the vast seas and oceans. Electric boats are charting their own course towards sustainability with new and improved technologies to support the marine sector. Besides, with individuals and industries such as hospitality and tourism adapting to accommodate this trend, makes it much easier for electric yachts to venture out further with regards to adaptability and visibility.

A boutique yacht manufacturer from Slovenia provides a complete assortment of propulsion options and a comprehensive catalog of accessories, carefully designed to guarantee long-term user-friendly operation. The boats are characterized by their distinctive driving experience. They are conceived with different hull versions, taking advantage of all benefits of the hydrodynamic studies, ensuring pleasant cruising. The vessels have been distinguished for their implementation of boating innovations and the use of the latest technologies. Each model is unique in its class, providing distinctive solutions with a contemporary elegance that assures the highest quality control without compromise.

Sustainability Factor

Electric yachts are becoming increasingly popular as a result of people’s increased environmental consciousness and limitations caused by climate change. The Slovenian company has always pursued its eco-friendly policy which is why they have established a series of models with electric engines. The eco-friendly electric boats from Slovenia are examples of timeless elegance and superior comfort, offering customers much more than just smart design. The boats consume significantly less fuel than other similar boats and are an environmentally-friendly choice. The comfort is guaranteed with the incorporated technical innovations, visible distinctive details, and special attention to the

sustainability of the materials. The vessels are known for their charisma and character. The quietest, most relaxed, and most economical cruising can be ensured with a fully electric-powered engine, where the range can be prolonged with an additional battery pack

A mix of elegance and innovation

The brand prides itself upon boutique boat production, which is a mix of traditional and modern elements, with perfect innovative and useful solutions. These boats come in three distinct models — Series 23 Cabin, 28 Cabin, and the latest one being 21 Open. These marine vehicles are made up of best quality products and engines, assembled in-house as well as from partners, guaranteeing quality and longevity. For customization, the manufacturer ensures that all woodwork on the boats is done in-house as per customer preference. The boats are available in dimensions between 5-10 meters.The new 21 open model is designed for nautical enthusiasts who enjoy quiet and easy cruising. It features 

great stability and comfort for eight adults. The boat provides great stability on the water even for fast ride enthusiasts. Both the 23 and 28 series come with different cockpit layout options and can be personalised according to the customers’ choice. The 28 Cabin offers unique and multi-functional ergonomic cockpit and bow layout solutions to ensure maximum comfort on the water with a distinctive timeless design.


All boats are conferred with CE certificates. The series 21 has a special hull and is the best version of the electric boat as it features a distinctive design that allows it to go up to 18 knots of speed with electricity without losing too much autonomy with eight passengers on the boat. The 28 model is conferred with both B CE and C CE certificates and can reach up to eight knots of speed.

Electrifying Performance

Use of batteries is what makes the boats eco-friendly and efficient. The electric boats can be ordered according to the preference and can be installed either at the customer location or its factory in Slovenia. The boats also come with a great alternative to electric and solar panels. This ensures better maintenance of the batteries. The normal battery range is approximately 3.5 hours with cruising speed and one hour with maximum speed.The batteries can vary between AGM gel batteries or lithium, thus giving more options to the owners. The new 21 series model goes a notch up in performance in comparison to the older models. With regards to the speed, the new 21 series model offers the best battery performance reaching up to 18 knots of speed. The brand’s innovative approach to design ensures an optimal combination between functionality and usability, all this to

create the best experience on the water. The manufacturer’s relationship with the client doesn’t end when the boat is sold as technical support is available 24/7.

Sustainable yachts can keep the industry afloat with the latest and state-of-the-art technologies. If you want us to sail you through this ‘green’ ride, contact us today.