Medical Technology

Medical Technology

According to the World Health Organization, one in six deaths in 2018 were due to cancer, and one-third of global cancer deaths are due to lung cancer. This firm has developed a medical technology that detects one of the deadliest types of cancer and treats it without damaging healthy cells and tissues. Its electromagnetic stimulation, combined with a nanotechnology system, has demonstrated the preclinical treatment to be safe and effective. The medical device has been classified as class III to chronically treat and reduce cancer’s mass significantly from further developing. The firm plans to start Phase I in early 2021 and seeking investments to support this phase. Based on Phase I results, which will be within 12-15 months, they plan an IPO for Phase II, the last one before the commercial launch in North America by 2024.

Electric Watercraft

The EU has made electric watercraft a priority; funding a battery-powered 60-meter car and passenger ferry to prove the concept as part of their Horizon 2020 research program. After a year of service, the e-ferry’s operators concluded that the system has a highly sustainable energy efficiency of 85%, almost twice that of diesel boats. With this background the US$20 billion market expectation for electric watercraft seems more than reasonable. To support this industry, we are following a firm that has designed, and begun delivering, an electric-powered watercraft. Destined for the lucrative leisure market, this is a mere stepping stone to the huge water taxi market for which a design is already complete.

FinTech Education

This European FinTech has created a unique business model to exploit and support the burgeoning demands for advanced education and re-skilling to meet the needs of Industry 4.0. The firm’s platform matches investors with advanced learners by exploiting the fully scalable and high-return potential of non-loan Income Share Agreements (ISA’s). Investors in ISA’s may finely tune their investment criteria to match their corporate objectives, which may include CSR targets. Currently, the firm is proposing two types of investment opportunity: in the infinite possibilities of direct investments in ISA’s and, more conventionally, investments in shares (and, as the firm is designated by the French state as an innovative firm, offers the possibility of French residency / citizenship).